SARMS YK-11 Capsules

SARMS YK-11 Capsules

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What is YK11 SARM?


If some users are to be believed, then YK11 is not your average SARM. Far from it. Many would describe it as a ‘super SARM’ because of its SARM-steroid hybrid status.


Alongside promising users that it can help them to reach their full physical and mental potential – with none of the nasty side effects (supposedly) – YK 11 SARM can also stimulate quick muscle gains; bolster fat loss, and improve bone health.


YK11 Results – Potential health benefits of YK11


We’ve touched on two of these already. However, to help you get a better idea of how YK11 works; here are its most common health benefits:


Increased muscle size


YK-11 may not be a traditional SARM but it can still stimulate muscle growth and produce new muscle cells (by naturally increasing follistatin cells), whilst suppressing myostatin (a protein that stops excessive muscle growth).


Numerous users have reported benefiting from 10-15lbs worth of lean muscle mass gains in just one 8 week YK11 cycle.Fat reduction


Alongside encouraging lean muscle mass growth, YK 11 SARM can also cause significant fat losses in a short space of time.


Healthier, stronger bones


A key part to keeping your bones healthy is sex hormones. Studies suggest that YK11 can help to improve your bone strength by binding itself to your androgen receptors. It can also increase the level of activated PKB (protein kinase B) in your cells, resulting in bone growth.


Increased strength


The idea of strength moves in an endless cycle, namely because they are so intimately entwined. When it comes to increased strength – as you are able to lift more weight; more muscle fibers will be stimulated.

Benefits for bodybuilding


Truthfully, a lot of the above health benefits could easily be applied to bodybuilders.


From stimulating increased lean muscle mass, to boosting fat loss and protecting your bones from density loss and fractures; by taking just 5mg of YK-11 a day (over 4 weeks) you can: gain over 5lbs of lean muscle; increase your chest, arm and calf measurements, and lose 2% body fat.


PLEASE NOTE: this figure is based on the average results of a lot of users.


What makes YK 11 SARM so appealing to bodybuilders is the way that it builds muscles by facilitating follistatin.


By tackling muscle growth in such a unique way; you can escape with little to no side effects and will suffer from only mild testosterone suppression – which can be prevented with good old PCT.


In fact, users state that you will begin seeing muscle mass gains in as little as a week. Plus, it has proven to be beneficial in both bulking and cutting cycles.


Think about it…


This super SARM can technically help you to pile on lean muscle fast (during bulking), whilst helping you to burn fat and harden muscles during a calorie deficit (cutting).


Who can say no to claims like that? It is no wonder it is so popular.


But here is the thing…


It may be able to do all of this (in theory), but there is a massive difference between what happens at a cellular level and what will actually occur in your body. Without human trials/studies to substantiate these bold claims, all they really are, are words. Nothing more.


Hell, even YK11 reviews are not 100% reliable, as these claims are clouded by their varying dosages, Y11 cycles and what they stacked it with.




The truth is, YK11 is a synthetic steroid that has been created by directly altering the chemical structure of DHT (a hormone that occurs naturally in the body) – a stronger form of testosterone.




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