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Kratom is a powder made from tree like plants in Southeast Asia, where it's been used for hundreds of years because of the medicinal and psychoactive effects that are similar to those from opiate based drugs taken as a energy supplement mood enhancer and pain reliever.

Kratom alkaloids buying to the same receptors in the brain that opioids would bind to so the effects are very similar you can find Kratom and raw powder form or in capsules I have both.

Kratom is divided into three groups based on plant maturity embodying different colors and effects white vein the young plant, green vein the maturing plant and red vein to fully mature plant. We use high quality, Blends, each design with a specific purpose in mind. Available as.. Take a look at my price sheet..

(Uplift) Our blend of white vein Kratom will boost your stamina and focus for all day energy, the perfect companion to a busy day.

(Calm) are blend of red vein Kratom is best for powerful pain relief and restful sleep. It's calming effects may also be helpful against anxiety.

(Euphoria) are blend of white and green vein Kratom pleasantly enhances sociability and mood, and may help combat depression and anxiety.