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Vial - 5MG

HGH Fragment 176-191 5MG

 HGH Fragment 176-191, is a modified version of AOD 9604, is a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide fragment 176-191. This HGH fragment peptide helps regulate fat metabolism, enabling the body to burn more fat. By stimulating lipolysis and the destruction of fat in the body, HGH Fragment 176 191 inhibits lipogenesis – transforming food into body fat. This results in weight loss. HGH Fragment combined with a healthy diet and exercise will increase weight loss effects.


What is HGH Fragment 176 191?


HGH Frag 176-191 is a modified type of amino acid that offers numerous health benefits, including fat loss, muscle growth, and stronger bones.


According to investigators at Monash University[i], growth hormone fat-reducing results appear to be controlled by a small region close to the end of the GH molecule. This region, which consists of 176-191 amino acids, is less than 10% of the GH molecule’s total size and seems not to affect growth or insulin resistance.


The hGH piece 176-191 works by imitating the way natural growth hormone regulates the fat metabolic process. However, it does not cause adverse effects on blood sugar or growth seen with unmodified GH.


What Does Fragment 176 191 Do? 


Laboratory tests on fat cells from pigs, rodents, dogs, and humans show that fragment-release fat, specifically from obese fat cells, reduced new fat accumulation in those cells. This suggests that hgh fragment 176191 burns fat.


In rats and mice, this fragment peptide reduced body fat in obese subjects and increased fat burning without altering food consumption.


Dosages of 500mcg of hgh fragment daily for 30 days showed decreased body fat in the mid abdominal area among average, obese, and overweight people.


However, this synthetically produced peptide also increases muscle mass and enhances lipid content in the body. So, while weight loss may be its most well-known effect, scientists claim this peptide fragment 176 can also promote muscle growth in users




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