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 Hexarelin is a synthetically made GHRP (Growth Hormone releasing peptide). It stimulates the body to increase the natural production of growth hormone which can slow down aging and promote lean muscle mass.


Hexarelin peptide is a growth hormone secretagogue receptor of hexapeptide. Thus, it produces a greater amount of growth hormone than other peptides. According to research, the peptide Hexarelin is the most potent synthetic hormone-releasing hormone available.


What Is Hexarelin?


Growth hormone is created and released in the pituitary gland. Either by amplifying the natural GH signal or suppressing  somatostatin, Hexarelin enhances GH production.


What’s more, Somatostatin is a growth hormone inhibiting hormone which causes the body to reduce its natural GH output. In other words, by destabilizing somatostatin, Hexarelin removes this barrier to higher GH production.


Research shows that Hexarelin hormone is able to produce a substantial increase in natural GH production for up to approximately 16 weeks.


As per scientific studies[i], Hexarelin has been shown to cause GH secretion to be released in a pulse type manner — resembling natural release patterns. This results in fewer side effects from Hexarelin compared to a synthetic hGH.


Benefits of Hexarelin


Hexarelin peptide benefits include lean muscle growth, enhanced flexibility, decreased anti-aging, fat loss, and better recovery from injuries. While it is still only legally used by researchers for research purposes, clinical studies show that hexarelin peptide offers numerous benefits. With a little more research, it could soon hopefully make its way onto the market for human accessibility.


Let’s take a look at some of the effects of Hexarelin, as proven by medical studies.


Hexarelin for Weight Loss


According to recent scientific studies, hexarelin fat loss effects are rather impressive. Subsequently, this peptide hormone has been shown to reduce body fat in test subjects. And because getting rid of body fats means reducing the risk of fats clogging veins and arteries, it also means that Hexarelin reduces the risk of heart complications.


In female test subjects, hexarelin decreased body fats and thus decreased cervical cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer threats. For male test subjects, the peptide reduced incidences of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and rectum cancer.


Overall, low body fat also minimises the chances of developing OA (Osteoarthritis), a joint disease that affects the joints in your hip, lower back and knees




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