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 Adipotide FTPP 5mg Uses, Benefits, and Safety


Adipotide, referred to also as FTPP, is an experimental weight loss treatment that’s been proven to kill fat cells by starving them of blood supply, so that they die and are reabsorbed into the body.


Established in 2011 by Dr. Wadih Arap and Renata Pasqualini, FTPP peptide is considered to be a diet and cancer pill.


According to research, adipotide is a new and innovative drug that is showing great promise in the area of obesity research. Initially created as a cancer treated with the purpose of targeting cancer cells so that they would stop growing, Adipotide peptide has also shown promise of decreasing body weight.


How Adipotide Works


FTPP is a chimeric peptide. In other words, it is comprised of two components, which together affect the function of prohibitins (PHBs)[i].


Scientific studies on rats showed a 30 percent decrease in body weight. Following four weeks of daily injections of adipotide along with four weeks without treatment, 10 obese female rhesus monkeys[ii] lost approximately 11 percent of their body weight and around 40 percent of fat deposits. This loss was primarily experienced during the non-treatment period.


Adipotide formula must be injected in order to kill fat cells in the body. Once those fat cells die, subcutaneous fat decreases and as a result, stimulates weight loss. This fat targeted proapoptotic peptide kills cells selectively by depriving them of vital nutrients. It also destroys the blood supply which contributes to fat cell growth.




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