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 Health Benefits of DSIP


There are a number of therapeutic DSIP benefits for health. From regulating sleep to easing chronic pain, let’s take a look at what it can do, as proven by research.




One of the major DSIP peptide benefits is its ability to promote and regulate sleep. According to scientists, it is a sleep-promoting substance, not a sedative. It also modulates sleep and wake functions rather than just sending you to sleep.


There are two main categories of sleep. One is called REM, and the other – NREM sleep. The former stands for Random Eye Movement and the latter means Non-Random Eye Movement sleep. Unlike many sleep aids which alter the duration of these sleep cycles, DSIP supplement does not affect these stages of sleep. Instead, it heightens the ability to fall asleep and promotes a better, deeper sleep.


Could this also suggest that it could be an effective treatment for insomnia? Possibly. Although scientists do need to continue carrying out extensive research to learn more about its effects on this sleep condition.


Research in human subjects shows that DSIP produces feelings of sleepiness and increases sleep time by almost 60%. These are significant findings



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